Widow’s Peak or Receding Hairline? How To Tell!

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Two of the most popular celebrities that we evaluated were Henry Cavill and Chris Hemsworth. Henry Cavill has a receding hairline. Whereas Chris Hemsworth has a widow’s peak. This led to the question of what is a widow’s peak? What is a receding hairline? Can one become the other? Can you have both? We have the answer for you.

A widow’s peak is a hairline. This is a hairline that you’re most likely born with. The term widow’s peak supposedly comes from the 16th century where widows would wear this peak headdress to morn their spouses supposedly. But what this means is it’s characterized by this V so the hair will come down and have this point right there that you might not actually realize that you’ve already always peak until you put your hair back. If it’s super short, then you’ll be able to see this sort of with that really short hair. But if it’s longer than it might actually cover it. To see what you have is simple. Just push your hair back from the top of your scalp.

Famous people with widow’s peaks include Chris Hemsworth and Colin Farrell.

You can see the GQ picture here. You can also see when he’s got slightly shorter hair in vanity fair. That was from 2015 when he was in Dumbo. And back on this cover from times magazine and that’s from 2012. Now it’s interesting then to see from 2012 to that more recent premiere for Dumbo, his hairline’s not changed a tall. So he’s got that set widow’s peak. And that’s the same with Chris Hemsworth. So they most definitely have a widow’s peak.

Now a widow’s peak is a hairline it’s set and it’s not moving just yet. Whereas a receding hairline is a progression. The fact that it’s receding means that it’s moving back. So your hairline would have started further forward.

And it’s now starting to move back. Now, the reason that this is sometimes confused with a widow’s peak is because the way that it received. So the weakest parts of hair are on the temples, which is here and on the crown. So that’s where you’ll start to get that light thinning, which will then progress. And that’s where you’ll start to lose your hair.

This happens because the DHT really attacks the follicles in this weakest area here. When this is being attacked, this hairline starts to feed and it will move back. What you’ve got then is the stronger part here at the front and the weaker part. And this starts to form that V or an M shape, which looks like a widow’s peak.


Now your hair has not become a widow’s peak. It is actually receding. And it’s that progression. Matthew, McConaughy looking back at 1996, he’s got a really strong hairline, then fast forward to more recent times.

You can see the hair is really moving back on him. So he has a receding hairline, which now looks like a widow’s peak, but we know from the progression, it’s there the best way to see if you are receding or of losing your hair. If you’re losing your hair, it’s to take regular pictures, like literally stand in the mirror, get your phone and take a picture straight forward. Don’t do this every day. You’ll become obsessed, but do this maybe once every second week, put the pictures side by side and take a look. You can then sort of start to track back, but receding means that it’s actively moving.

If you are interested in the stages of hair loss and kind of what you can do for those, we’re looking at hair loss, treatments, anything from Finasteride, minoxidil, DHT, blocking shampoo, some of the more sort of bizarre things which have been tried and tested also the seven stages of hair loss.

This kind of gives you a little bit of an idea of where you might be and what you can still do. But the key thing here again, guys is widow’s peak set, hairline receding. Hairline is our hairline, which is on the move. Now, can you have a widow’s peak, which has receding? Yes, yes you can. And we can see that again with some celebs here. Now a perfect example of this is Jude Law. If you want to go back to some of his early films like Gatica from 1997, you can see that V shape, but really strong hairline on the sides here. You can also see in a fantastic film here, talented mr. Ripley from 1999. This hairstyle was amazing. I absolutely love it, but you can see again there, you know, that actually looks fairly high up, but that hairline still looks strong now, fast forward.

And we can see in more recent pictures here, you can see that that V is really pronounced and on the temples here, the hair has come back. Also, you can see that there’s thinning in the front. So it looks at there’s quite a few sort of baby hairs or sparse hairs. And that’s because the hair is thinning. On that point, you can especially see on the front cover of GQ, France magazine, you can see that hairline has really pushed back. Also the skin looks a slightly sort of different color back there and that’s because that is receding. So he did have a widow’s peak. It’s now a receding widow’s peak. So he has got both right there. So really the key thing on this is widow’s peak is a set hairline. It is that V whereas a receding hairline is a hairline that is on the move.

It’s a progression. The hair is moving back. A widow’s peak can become a receding hairline. So that’s going to come even more pronounced. But, if you are sort of worried or you’re sort wondering where it’s going, then do take a picture of the mirror and just keep a look on that. And, and also check out those pages of man from south.com. We have got some great stuff on hair loss. There’s awesome stuff on products that you can use and thickening treatments and all that good stuff.


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