One of the skin conditions that is most notable when it flares up is one that many are embarrassed by, and that is the cold sore. Cold sores are also referred to as fever blisters and can technically show up anywhere on your body, however, most notably for cold sores is showing up on the edge of the lips, usually the lower side. Cold Sores usually last about 7 to 10 days and the one thing that’s known about cold sores is how contagious and easily they can spread. Don’t feel bad or embarrassed. The amount of people that get cold sores at least once in their life is about 90%, but, if you want to avoid cold sores if you don’t suffer from them, avoid contact with cold sores, however, if you do suffer from flaring cold sores, we have two good treatment options for you to try. If you’re about 40% of Americans that get cold sores flare-ups, you’ll want to look into the best creams to treat them. So, let’s compare which may be a better treatment cream for you, Orajel or Abreva?

Orajel Touch-Free Cold Sore Patented Treatment

Orajel Touch-Free is a patented cold sore treatment that combines a unique touch-free applicator with proven ingredients that treat the symptoms of your cold sore. Whether you’re experiencing tingling, throbbing, itching or pain*, Orajel treats it all. Orajel is a topical solution for temporary pain relief and is NOT a long-term ‘cure’ for cold sores, however, again, keep in mind there is no cure – there is only temporary solutions and Orajel is very trusted.

Abreva Docosanol Cold Sore Treatment

Abreva cold sore treatment is a healing cream for treating cold sores and fever blisters on the face or lips of adults and children over 12 years. Abreva shortens the duration of tingling, pain, burning and itching symptoms associated with cold sores. When using Abreva, its best works at first tingle and as soon as a cold sore flares up – that’s when it’s most effective. It penetrates deep into the skin to the source of the spreading virus to block the virus and provide a barrier to protect healthy skin cells. Abreva Cream is the only non-prescription cold sore medicine approved by the FDA to shorten healing time. While other products just soothe, Abreva works quickly by penetrating deep into the skin to the source of the spreading virus. Abreva comes in a tube or pump and uses the same formula for each.

Orajel vs. Abreva Cold Sore Treatment

When it comes to choosing between these two treatments, after reviewing each one from a quick snapshot review, we would recommend Abreva as a better quality cream for purchase to faster results of getting rid of your cold sore.  Orajel is a very good cream for short term, temporary relief of itch and pain but Abreva is proven to shorten the healing time. Abreva uses a key active ingredient in Docosanol, which is the only FDA approved ingredient to shorten the healing time in a cold sore.  Both treatments have positive reviews from users when it comes to helping in also prevent the cold sore from popping out, that is why it’s strongly recommended if you suffer from cold sores, as soon as you feel the tingly feeling, to start applying these creams which can prevent the flare-up completely.

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